Aboriginal and Diversity Initiatives

photograph - Aboriginal and Diversity Initiatives

The growing ethnocultural diversity within Canada's federal offender population presents important challenges for the Parole Board of Canada.

Factors such as increasing ethnicity and gender issues require that the Board carefully assess its policies, training and operations to ensure that they respect the needs of this more diverse offender population, as well as the increasingly diverse communities to which these offenders will return.

The Corrections and Conditional Release Act also emphasizes the need to address long-standing challenges related to Aboriginal offenders. The Act recognizes the unique circumstances and special needs of Aboriginal offenders and requires the PBC to develop policies and processes which are sensitive to these circumstances and needs.

To meet these challenges the Board undertakes research production and analysis, awareness-building and community outreach that pertains to Aboriginal, ethnocultural and women offenders in the federal correctional system. These activities impact PBC policy and practice with the goal of improving services provided to these populations.